Saturday, April 14, 2012

Relay For Life @ KSU

Last night I went up to KSU to shoot video of their Relay For Life events.
It was a great evening and I got a lot of great footage to edit together for D Street Ent. And for my reel in general. I'm excited to start working on this new project. More info to come.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New job and it only took 7 Months!

I have finally done it! I landed a full time job over the holidays! It only took me 7 months past graduation to  find something and I'm very please to say that not only is it media related, it takes me back to television which is where I really want to get back to.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Entertainment Value

So as it turns out I am really bad at this blogging thing... Always have been bad about getting things done... But I'm gonna keep trying!

So I am going to change gears for a second and be entertaining I saw these videos on College Humor and I thought... Everyone needs a little humor... but we'll get to that

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marketing - Social Media Marketing

So I have been working on some research, you know trying to stay on the cutting edge of what I studied in school. Even tho the studing only ended a few months ago, marketing courses never really covered as much of social media marketing as it should have (purly my opinion). So I have put it on myself to keep learning about the topic in order to stay on the edge and to keep myself up in the market so that if I was looking for a new job in the future I would have the know how to manage to get one.

For starters I found a free 8 part marketing course to help expand your knowledge base and skills set for marketing your business on Facebook. I'll be adding some of this information to my new ideas about how to do some amazing Driving Marketing.

Note since I have never really seen the term "Driving Marketing" online or in a text book. Only market driven and other things that aren't exactly what I'm trying to do or convey so...

Driving Marketing - the process of driving people to your social media site and then to your/any specific location. The idea is to drive people to your, lets say, Facebook page and then information on the page driving (can you see a theme with that word forming?) these same users to a location, your location.

As I continue blogging I will expand this idea and all the different components and ways it could and currently does effect social media marketing.

Till Next Time,
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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Power of Radio

So as many of you know I was hired to be a remote tech for WWWQ - Q100 Atlanta on 99.7FM. Well this has been an interesting experience thus far. I must admit I learned a lot from my internship at WKLS PROJECT 9-6-1 Atlanta but the atmosphere here at Cumulus is way better than Clear Channel. I mean don't get me wrong, they are both HUGE corporations with the bottom line in mind. And both groups need to make a profit but the experience here at Q I would have to say may be better. (That could be bitterness talking but hey it's my blog)

So I've been working here a little over a month now and I must say learning never stops (BTW I got my diploma in the mail about 2 weeks ago!!). I have been trained on a long range wireless transmitter system also called a Marti system (mostly because Marti Electronics makes it). It's actually really freaking sweet but the basic principal is simple, the transmitter / receiver system are built into our station vehicles. These vehicles (two vans and a big bread truck) have 40ft (roughly) extension masts attached to them. They can be raised and pointed back to one of our two transmission locations, flip the switch, and ta-da we are connected to our station. Thus I can manage the live transmission of a DJ from a remote location back to the station then onto the air... It's epic!

Well, till next time,
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How time flys!

Space Cadet here and Wow I haven't been back here to post for a bit... Not that anyone is actually reading this, ANYWAY I did get married on May 29th, even tho I never found that video I needed we made due without it. And our Love Story Video turned out AMAZING!!
I am now working for Q100 Atlanta (Cumulus Media) which is an amazing opportunity and I love the job so far! I just wish I was full time instead of part time BUT maybe I'll get there with time. Speaking of full time work, they did just have a position open up but I have to wait at least 6 months before I can apply so right now I am trying to WOW them with my mad skills so that maybe they will consider me for the job... It would be nice and I know that I can do the work. So, I'm going to try to prove it to them!

Let's see... An Update On Us:
Julie, my wife, has started summer school and we don't get to see too much of each other due to the fact that I spend 90% of the week in Atlanta working, again NOT complaining at ALL but it does frustrate both of us. You know, we FINALLY get married and now we never see each other! But I know it will get better, it always does.

Now back to the point of this blog:
Cumulus launched a new station on last Friday, Journey 97.9 on your FM dial (if you live in or around metro ATL that is) is all about playing the best of the 80's and 90's all the time in one location. This is set to completely disrupt the edge that FM Stations, STAR 94 (Big 90's Weekend) and B98.5 (80's Weekend), held on the ratings during the weekend. "How is that going to work?" You might ask, well the answer is simple. I'm sure you love to listen to your weekends on STAR or B98.5, BUT as people learn of the new station, who is going to want to wait for the weekend to get the music they want NOW? That's why The Journey is the answer to STAR 94's and B98.5's weekend programing. Plain and simple!

On a side note: STAR 94 has their "Big 90's Weekend" but what's up with B98.5? "80's Weekend"? I mean you could have named it something that sounded cool like "All Access 80's" or "Totally 80's"! I mean damn if you are going to brand your whole weekend programing block you should really put some thought into it and make it catchy for your listeners!

Alright that's it for today and I really do hope to be back on here more and more updating about what's going on in the Media world, or at least my little corner of it.

Till Next Time!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Wedding (Love Story) March

So, I am back in Atlanta trying to dig through my collection of tapes and DVDs looking for my long lost engagement video. Note: I get married in just over a week (like 12 days) and I am in change of making the "Love Story" video for my bride and I to share with our family and friends on our special day.
Normally I'm like "Hey no problem! I've only done what... 600 video productions (not a true figure I'm sure it's actually much much higher than that) ANYWAY, I currently am having no luck! That would be because everything I had placed and organized has been moved around! Thanks Guys!

Now I'm going to get off of here and dive head first into the packed boxes that contain my life and see if I can find this footage so that I might be able to... IDK deliver a product in 12 days!!!