Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Wedding (Love Story) March

So, I am back in Atlanta trying to dig through my collection of tapes and DVDs looking for my long lost engagement video. Note: I get married in just over a week (like 12 days) and I am in change of making the "Love Story" video for my bride and I to share with our family and friends on our special day.
Normally I'm like "Hey no problem! I've only done what... 600 video productions (not a true figure I'm sure it's actually much much higher than that) ANYWAY, I currently am having no luck! That would be because everything I had placed and organized has been moved around! Thanks Guys!

Now I'm going to get off of here and dive head first into the packed boxes that contain my life and see if I can find this footage so that I might be able to... IDK deliver a product in 12 days!!! 

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