Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marketing - Social Media Marketing

So I have been working on some research, you know trying to stay on the cutting edge of what I studied in school. Even tho the studing only ended a few months ago, marketing courses never really covered as much of social media marketing as it should have (purly my opinion). So I have put it on myself to keep learning about the topic in order to stay on the edge and to keep myself up in the market so that if I was looking for a new job in the future I would have the know how to manage to get one.

For starters I found a free 8 part marketing course to help expand your knowledge base and skills set for marketing your business on Facebook. I'll be adding some of this information to my new ideas about how to do some amazing Driving Marketing.

Note since I have never really seen the term "Driving Marketing" online or in a text book. Only market driven and other things that aren't exactly what I'm trying to do or convey so...

Driving Marketing - the process of driving people to your social media site and then to your/any specific location. The idea is to drive people to your, lets say, Facebook page and then information on the page driving (can you see a theme with that word forming?) these same users to a location, your location.

As I continue blogging I will expand this idea and all the different components and ways it could and currently does effect social media marketing.

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