Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome to my world

My name is Chris York, but I'm also known as "The Space Cadet". I'm from Atlanta Ga, and I am a senior Mass Comm Major with a minor in Marketing. I love working with broadcast media, from TV to Film and of course radio. I am the Station Manager at The WOLF Internet Radio station on campus and currently I am building my own show "Waylin's" which focuses on local artists and bands and their music. 

My media issue is the FCC's control of content on TV, Radio, and now the internet. I am not completely against content control on open access, ie over the air, where anyone can access it with out restriction. But limiting content was supposed to stop with limited access and safe harbor but now the FCC is trying to control limited access fronts like cable/satellite tv and the internet. Which is actually not in the course or scope of their government granted powers. I want to spend some time here to explain and highlight why this violates our right to the pursuit of happiness. Click Here to see an example of the FCC's regulations on cable tv, which in the past was considered limited access because you had to pay for it.

The video below is a great example of how I feel about content control

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